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Google Maps – A brief review!


Initially pronounced the best mobile mapping solution on the planet, the reimagined ioS 6 Maps has become a PR disaster for apple, leading Ceo Tim Cook to publicly apologize for the debacle. Google heard the frustrated cries of ioS users and, like a knight in shining armour, now comes riding back onto the iPhone with its own Google Maps app, a mere three months after being banished from the castle.
The New
The free Google Maps isn’t exactly the same app ioS users have loved since its debut in 2007. This version has to be manually installed from the App Store, and because apple saved its UI spit and polish for its own offering, this one has an entirely new look and feel. That’s not necessarily a bad thing: Rather than simply port its cluttered Maps app from Android, Google has followed design cues from recent updates to its Gmail and Google Search apps for iOS. it takes a few moments to adjust to, but overall, the new Ui works well and it’s a big step in the right direction (pun intended).
All the familiar features are included, and it has received a slight aesthetic makeover, with the page curl in the bottom-right being replaced and the menus receiving an overhaul. Zooming and panning is as responsive as ever, and typing any location into the search bar will take you to the place you’re looking for. The app is the perfect directional tool, and entering your required destination and a starting location will provide you with turn-by-turn navigation on-screen, as well as listed directions for you to view.
Activating Location Services will allow the app to pinpoint your current location within seconds, and from the menu options you can select to view traffic information, change the map view to Satellite, and access Google Earth. If you’re looking for a more in-depth view, you can zoom in to a location and bring up address information. Dragging up on this screen will access Street View, plus you can find businesses, places nearby to eat, and more, from the main Map screen.
The Final Verdict
So is Google Maps the savior everyone was hoping for? For city dwellers, public transit and walking directions alone will be enough to give a resounding yes. For everyone else, Google’s more extensive database and Street View make it worthy of a space on your home screen.